Chai Street #1 – Chitli Qabar

Chitli Qabar – an amalgamation of Urdu, Mughlai cuisine, and Tea!

The old aisles have always fascinated me.
The narrow roads, buzzing markets, the smell of spices, small shacks of street food, puzzling alleys, huge ivory houses, bemused tourists.
Being for over 25 years in the same country, the city looks so exotic!

Last weekend, after anticipating and continuous plannings, I finally visited Chandni Chowk with an aim. What was the aim you might wonder? It was simple, I wanted to find a really good cup of tea. So here I am presenting you the hidden gem of tea right from one of the oldest markets of Chitli Qabar.

But before we go there, let me tell you what was seen on the way!




Malo Tea Stall

As you keep moving through the narrower lanes of the Chitli Qabar market, one of the shops that will surely behold you is Diamond bakery. You might think why am I even talking about Diamond Bakery when this post is about Tea/Chai. Well, Diamond bakery was the shop suggested to me by a friend who’s hometown happens to be Moradabad. His family has been buying rusk from Diamond Bakery for over 25 years. So while I was shopping for rusk, I asked the owner “Where can I get a good cup of tea?” To which he replied, I can move straight and stop at “Malo Tea Stall.”




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Malo Tea stall which is not easy to miss not only serves a great and fulfilling glass of tea but its way of preparing and serving tea is unique as well. I asked for two cups of tea, as I was accompanied by a photographer friend of mine. The person took two glass tumbler inside filled it half with milk and poured boiling tea water into it. Well here comes the unique part- the glass tumbler was placed inside the cup. See the image below:

The way Malo offered tea/chai that day remained a mystery to me. So I decided to search about it on the internet and found, the Malo tea stall is one of the oldest tea stalls in Chitli Qabar, that serves tea Ek bata do style for about 74 years. “Ek bata do style” is the unique and traditional style of having tea in old Delhi. The glass tumbler is placed inside the cup so that two people can share the tea. One uses the glass tumbler, and the other uses the cup (if you do not really want to have the full glass like me and my friend had).


Ek bata do Chai


That is the beauty of Chai, my friends. In the ordinary (extraordinary) lanes of Chitli Qabar, Malo Tea Stall keeps serving tea and people just keep having it.

Wouldn’t you agree with me on the fact that Chai does bring people together?


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